Friday, 21 October 2016

Review: Artdeco Sounds of Beauty Blush Couture

Hi loves! Today I have for you a beautiful blush from Artdeco, which is from their new collection. Its their Sounds of Beauty Blush Couture (10g, £25.00). 

The design of the blush is so pretty! It comes in a beautiful compact and has a mirror inside and the beautiful blush, which contains 3 different shades. I like to use the blush all the shades mixed together. 

The formula of it is so soft and smooth. Its so easy to blend it out and its richly pigmented, which you can see on the picture down below.

The first swatch on the picture above is all the shades mixed together and is a perfect shade for autumn. Next to it is the middle shade, which is warm peachy brown shade and next to it is light apricot shade. The last shade on the picture above is the burgundy and its one of my favorite shade for fall. All together these make a perfect blush shade for me and I like you can control how deep you want the blush. If you want something lighter you can just pic up with the brush more the lighter shades. 

The blush lasts on me all day without fading. In the evenings I would touch it up a bit, just to have more fresh look. On the picture below you can see how it looks on me. I have been wearing it all week and absolutely love it!


I'm every time reminded how much I enjoy Artdeco products when I pick something new up. I think next time I pick up some of their eye shadows to try. I already know I'm obsessed with their blushes. You can check out my last blush review here

If you are interested in this beauty, you can find it on Beauty Bay, I'll link it here.

What is your favorite autumn blush shade?

Thanks for reading! xo's

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Thursday, 20 October 2016

Review: Bourjois Air Mat Foundation

Hi loves! I have always liked Bourjois foundations, but the shade selection is always wrong for me. This time I have Body Shop Lightening Drops (review) to take care of that problem. I have been testing out Bourjois Air Matte Foundation in shade 02 Vanilla (30 ml).

The foundation comes in a squeeze tube, which makes it easy to get the product out and is my second favorite kind of packaging after pump. I love it when foundations come with a pump.

The shade Vanilla is way too dark for me and I'm so happy I had the lightening drops in hand. I picked it up because my own foundation bottle broke and I was unable to use it, so I needed a new one and this looked the lightest shade I could find.

The first thing I noticed was the scent of it. It has a strong fragrance scent to it, which is fresh, so it doesn't bother me too much. I would like it more with out any scent. 

It does give a full coverage and hides all my large pores and lasts on me all day. I have oily skin and not all foundations can take it. I like I don't loose the coverage with this foundation, but I still get oily. I apply it in the morning around 7 am and on lunch time I'm already oil. I don't mind blotting off the oil, as long the coverage stays and with this foundation it does.

The foundation feels light on my skin and I feel like my skin still can breath under the full coverage foundation. I hasn't brake me out or irritated my skin even though it is scented. 

I'll try to get a demo video up tomorrow so you guys can see for yourself how it applies and looks on my skin. 

I'm happy I picked it up and I love the staying powder and the coverage it give me. I have been loving it more then my loved MAC foundation (review), which says a lot. I love the matte finish it has and it feels on skin like nothing.

Which is your favorite foundation?

Thanks for reading! xo's

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Review: Essence Girls Wanna Have Fun Collection

Hi loves! Today's post in one a Essence Girls Wanna Have Fun Collection, which I picked up when I was in Germany. I haven't seen it here in Belgium. I got the blush in shade 01 Who Run The World? Girls! (7g), highlighter in shade 01 Lady's Night (6g) and Eyeshadow quad in 01 Just Me & My Girls (7.1g).

The packaging is simple, clear compacts, which means I can see the beauty of the designs on the products. I specially love the highlighter with all the little hearts on it. The collection looks very girly :)

Lets start with the highlighter, which looks so cute by the way. The highlighter itself is nicely pigmented and does give a nice sheen to cheek bones, but its not too much and fits my pale skin tone perfectly.

The blush contains 3 different shades and I like to use it mixed all together. There is pinkish coral shade on top, in the middle is a light creamy shade and on bottom there is a light brown shade. The formula of it feels nice, but it is more to the powdery side, which I don't like (I also feel I can't complain about, because of the price point). 

You can see everything swatch down below and the first swatch is everything mixed together. I like the blush shade of it, but I do need to reapply it. Its my least favorite products out of the 3 items I picked up. 

The eyeshadow quad is my favorite out of all the items I picked up, because of the formula. These feel so buttery and soft to the touch and the staying powder is amazing as well. These stayed on me all day with out creasing. The only down side to this palette is that there is no dark shade to darken up the outer V. These all have shimmery finish and are to the lighter side. Whenever I use this quad I do need to use some of my other shadows for the crease and outer V.

I'm so surprised these stayed on me crease free all day (I always use an eyeshadow primer) and the colors didn't loose the vividness. 

I'm happy about the eye shadow quad the most. Its so pretty and I love the formula of the shadows. I also like the highlighter, which looks beautiful. My least favorite item is the blush because its too powdery and doesn't stay on very long.

What do you think of this collection?

Thanks for reading! xo's

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Monday, 17 October 2016

Giveaway: Win a Urban Decay Naked Palette

Hi loves! Its time to have another giveaway and this time I do it bit differently :) You can win one Urban Decay Naked Palette of your choice. I have the smoky one and I adore it. I have herd great things about all the Naked Palettes, so I'll let you choose what you want ;)

The giveaway is open world wide and starts on 18th of October and lasts till 30th of November. I hope you all enter and good luck :)

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Sunday, 16 October 2016

Favorites: September 2016

Hi loves! Its time to share my September faves! This month I have many makeup favorites :) First ones are 6 eye shadows from Nabla Mermaid Collection and the shadows I'm most into are Sugar, Chemical Bond, Juno Moon, Sensuelle, Selfish and Calypso. I love the formula of their shadows and just love the shade of these. You can check out the full review here.

Next favorites are both from Body Shop and its their Honey Bronze Highlighting Dome in shade 02 and 03. These are cream bronzer and a blush. Its easy to apply these and I love how glowy it makes my complexion (in a good way). I love to use these together and you can take a closer look of these here

On my brows I have been using L'Oreal Brow Artist Genius Kit in shade Medium to Dark (reviewtogether with Peggy Sage eye shadow in Noir. I mix the black and the brow shade together to fill in my brows. I feel on its own its not as dark, but when the black is mixed into it, its perfect.

My next favorite is Smashbox #shapematters Palette (review) and mostly I have been loving the contouring powders and the eye shadows. The formula of everything really has been wonderful and I love how soft and nice the eye shadows are <3

Next is also eye shadow and its an trio from Wet n' Wild. Its in shade 380B Walking on Eggshells (review). Its super affordable and the quality of the eye shadows is just amazing! I love how creamy these feel!

In September I loved Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation + Concealer in shade Ivory (review). I love the coverage it gives me and it stays put on my oily skin. The shade of it is bit too dark for me and I have been using Body Shop Lightening Drops (review) to make it fit my skin tone.

I have also some lip faves and first one is from Nabla and its their Diva Crime Lipstick in shade Closed (review). Its super creamy nude lipstick and doesn't dry our my lips, which I didn't expect as it is matte lipstick.

Next one is Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in shade 17 Cool Brown (review). It a perfect nude brown shade and I absolutely love the formula of these liquid lipsticks.

The last one is also matte lipstick, which is in the nude family as well and its Lord & Berry 20100 Maxi Matte Crayon Lipstick (review). It lasted on  me super long time, which surprised me so much. I really didn't think it would last so long time on my lips and it didn't dry my lips out, which is another reason why I like it so much :)

These are all my faves in September. I would love to know what you like in September and if you have any recommendations for me :)

Thanks for reading! xo's

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Friday, 14 October 2016

Review: Clinique Lid Pop Eye Shadows

Hi loves! I'm happy to share the most prettiest eye shadows ever! Clinique Lid Pops look so cute with the flower design on it. I own two shades 05 Willow Pop and 08 Petal Pop (2 g). All together there is 6 different shades available. I ordered mine on Douglas and at the moment they have 25% off Clinique products. If you are interested I link it here

The eye shadows come in clear compact and have the same design on it as their blushes. I do find these look so cute and I hardly ever want to use these. Definetly too pretty to use :D 

But I have come over that and tested these beauties out. The formula of these both feel so smooth and soft. Both are richly pigmented and are shades, which look all over the lid on their own beautiful. I have worn these both together and I was happy how the look came out.

These shadows do work well together with other powder shadows. Whenever I have used these I haven't experience any fall out and it has stayed on me all day without creasing (I do always use an eye shadow primers before doing my eye makeup). These hasn't irritated my eyes and there is no scent to these shadows. 

Both shadows are very glowy, these are not straight up shimmery, but there is glow to these. In person these have more sheen to them then it shows up on the picture above.  

I'm so happy with these and I think its right time to add more of these shadows in my collection as Douglas does have a 25% off and they do deliver Belgium and Netherlands. 

Do you own any shadows from this range?

Thanks for reading! xo's

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Review: The Body Shop Lightening Shade Adjusting Drops

Hi loves! I have always had hard time finding a perfect shade of foundation in the drugstore. The Body Shop Lightening Shade Adjusting Drops (15 ml, 13 EUR) have really been handy for mixing my perfect shade.

The lightening drops comes in a glass bottle and with a dropper. I do find its bit hard to get enough product out, so I would prefer it to come with a pump, so I could just pump the product out. 

Its dermatologically  tested and it neutralizes yellowness. It hasn't irritated my skin at all and I have been using it with different foundations. It hasn't changed the formula or the coverage of the foundation or how it applies. I'm really happy how easily I can transport wrong shade to fit me perfectly. 

The formula of it is more to the runny side, so it would turn a foundation with thicker formula more liquidy. It makes thicker foundations apply bit easier in my oppinion. I have been using it with my Clinique foundation (review) and it worked really well. I was thinking I'll be not able to use this foundation because how dark it was (I ordered it online in shade ivory). The lightening drops came so handy and I have been trying it out with other foundations as well. 

The formula of it is 100% vegan, but it does contain fragrance. Whenever I have used it I haven't really noticed any scent to it, so its not something super strong and it hasn't irritated or broke me out.

I'm so happy I picked it up! It has been so handy to make all my foundation match me. If you have similar problem I highly recommend it :)

How do you deal with foundations in a wrong shade for you?

Thanks for reading! xo's

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